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Teen Women’s Groups

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Covid Statement: In effort to protect your teen and our community, we are running our small teen mentorship programs outside while following social distancing (6-ft distance) and frequent sanitization. Max 6 teens per group.

Outdoor Leaders Program

For Teen Women* Ages 14-17. Max 6 Teens.

Join us this February-May 2021 to learn and thrive in:

& Earth-Leadership

Why Join?

We are ALL leaders, and each teen woman has the ability to lead a big difference in their own lives, community, and environment. Over the course of five months together, each teen will discover their own sense of leadership, and will learn concrete skills for directing the health and wellbeing of their personal lives and relationships. As a community, we will learn how to tend, protect, and care for Earth so that we can build a sustainable future. Through a deep bond of women friendships, group-led community projects, and instruction in nature-connection, sustainability, nonviolent communication, community building, and powerful self-care practices, we will cultivate a community of strong teen women leaders.

Each teen woman will receive a Certificate upon completion!


5 In-person Group Meetings, once/month on Sat. 11-3pm:
2/6, 3/6, 3/27, 5/1, 5/22
5 Group Zoom Calls, once/month on Wed. 6-7pm:
2/17, 3/17, 4/14, 4/28, 5/12
10 Life Coaching Sessions (1-on-1) - Optional


State Parks and Open Spaces throughout Santa Cruz (please call for exact locations)


$525 for Group Meetings
Add/Optional $725 for 10 Life Coaching Sessions
Scholarships Available!

*Women includes LGBTQIA+ teens

Senior Year Mentorship

For Graduating High School Senior Women*. Max 6 teens.

Join us this February-May 2021 for powerful support and mentorship in transitioning from adolescence to young adult womanhood through celebration and deep connection with community, nature, and self.

Why Join?

Mentoring and guiding teens through the transition into young adulthood is absolutely crucial for a sustainable society– it allows each individual to discover their own sense of self, belonging, and purpose in community. Graduating high school marks our cultures first collective step into adulthood, but is not typically guided and celebrated in an effective and meaningful manner (especially with school and graduation being online). In our 5-month program, each teen woman will be provided with the mentorship and guidance to confidently step into their first phase of young adulthood. We will learn essential life skills for leading a healthy and happy life, as well as build a community of life-long friends. Our program will end in May with a ceremonial celebration to mark each teen’s transition into young adult womanhood!


5 In-person Group Meetings, once/month on Sat. 11-3pm:
2/27, 3/20, 4/17, 5/8, 5/29
5 Group Zoom Calls, once/month on Tues. 6-7pm:
3/9, 3/30, 4/27, 5/11, 5/25
10 Life Coaching Sessions (1-on-1) - Optional


State Parks and Open Spaces throughout Santa Cruz (please call for exact locations)


$525 for Group Meetings
Add/Optional $725 for 10 Life Coaching Sessions
Scholarships Available!

*Women includes LGBTQIA+ teens


To register and/or ask us questions, please contact Deanna Falge:


About the Guides

Guides are Ecotherapy and CPR/FA/AED Certified!

Lead Guide:

Deanna Falge

Life Coach & Guide, Youth Mentor, Outdoor Educator, BS Biological Psychology

Deanna Falge founded Thrive Young Leaders out of her love for connecting with youth. Deanna’s passion and life mission is to empower Earth’s young leaders (especially young women) into deep and meaningful connection with nature, community, and self. When she was a teen woman, Deanna struggled with feeling disconnected from the world, and ultimately herself. Now that Deanna has discovered her connection and belonging to Earth and humanity, she is passionate about offering the nature-connected guidance, support, and community that all teen women need and deserve to live an empowered, connected, and abundant life!

Deanna has experience and formal education in biological psychology, outdoor education & leadership, life coaching, mentoring, tutoring, wilderness survival skills, indigenous history, ecotherapy, soul exploration, mindfulness, peaceful communication (NVC), rites of passage, nature connection, and dance. She earned her degree in Biological Psychology from UC Santa Barbara, Certificate in Ecotherapy from the Earthbody Institute, Certificate in Nature-Connected Life Coaching from the Earth-Based Institute, and has years of teaching, coaching, tutoring, guiding, and mentoring experience with youth, including teen women.

Guest Guide:


Women’s Health Educator, Doula, Youth Mentor

Annie has a passion for teaching youth about their hormone cycle so they can understand themselves better and see themselves as part of larger cycles of life. She believes body literacy is essential learning for the transition from a girl’s adolescence to adulthood. Annie has a background in birthwork and several years of hormonal health studies.

Guest Guide:


Outdoor Educator, Youth Mentor, Permaculturalist

Birdie (Emily’s nature name) has worked with youth for the past 8+ years as a mentor, tutor, gymnastics coach, nature-connection guide, and outdoor educator. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Birdie was able to connect with the natural realm through mud fights in her backyard, friendships with her pets, and regular visits to local parks, but was limited in developing a deeper connection with the more-than-human world until she moved to Santa Cruz in her young adulthood. Since beginning her work as an outdoor educator, Birdie has studied ecotherapy, permaculture design, ecovillage design, agroforestry, nature awareness, primitive skills, youth mentorship, and The Work That Reconnects, as a way to be of better service to the youth that she works with. She is dedicated to working towards a more sustainable and integrated way of living with our mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. By incorporating all that she learns in her environmental and social studies into her mentoring style, Birdie hopes to inspire and aid youth (including teen women) in connecting more deeply with themselves, one another, and our beloved planet.